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You are the most


You will ever make.

We call the cost of experiencing a boudoir photography session an investment because that's exactly what it is: an investment in yourself. You are taking the brave step of investing your time and your finances to put yourself first and that is not something that we take lightly. It's momentous and for that reason, you can expect to be treated as nothing less than you are - A FOX!

Boudoir Photography Mature Niagara

Session Fee

Your $399 session fee includes:

  • phone consult with Racheal to share your ideas and have all of your questions answered

  • viewing of our sample products and pricing menu

  • access to our boudoir guide to help you plan for your unique experience

  • complimentary champagne upon arrival

  • in-studio professional makeup styling by our amazing stylist

  • access to our client closet collection of lingerie

  • up to two hours of a boudoir portrait session

  • multiple outfit changes with a variety of looks

  • experienced coaching and a ton of encouragement from Racheal during your session

  • A complimentary SWAG bag of goodies, so you won't leave your session empty-handed

  • intuitive editing and retouching of your images

  • in-person image reveal appointment within a week after your session

The Fine Print: Due at the time of booking, your session fee serves as a non-refundable retainer and covers your consultation, session, and Image Reveal appointment. Your session fee does not include any digital or physical products. Please contact us to learn about our most popular products. Additional fees may be incurred in the event that you need to reschedule. Session availability is first-come, first-serve based on the return of the signed session contract and the session/retainer fee. All sales are subject to HST. All sessions require a minimum order of $900. This requirement can be met with both physical and digital products. Prices are non-negotiable and are subject to change without notice.

Product Pricing

On average, our clients spend around $1500 - $2500 on their luxury boudoir photo keepsakes.


The minimum spend requirement on images is $900.

After your boudoir session, you will be invited to your Image Reveal Appointment where you will see all of your images for the first time (my favorite part!), to make sure you love them (you will!) and select which images you would like to purchase. 

You have the option to pay in full at your Image Reveal Appointment, or set up a Pre-Payment Plan before your scheduled session.


Keep scrolling down for more info on our pre-payment plans and the free bonuses that are included when you pre-pay for your luxury products!

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Boudoir Photography Niagara White lingerie

Pre-Payment Plans

We understand what a huge investment this is, and you are worth every. single. damn. penny. That said, setting up a payment plan allows you to break your investment down into smaller payments, so that when it comes time for your Image Reveal Appointment, you will enjoy the process with peace of mind knowing that you have already paid for your products.

When you pre-purchase your portrait Collection or A la Carte choices, this allows us to create custom images during your session with your pre-chosen products in mind to make sure that you fall head over heels with the finished product! 

Also, when you pre-pay for your luxury products, you also get exclusive bonus gifts based on your collection choice!


Please Note: We do NOT offer payment plans after your session, so if you opt-out of a custom Pre-Payment Plan, you will be required to pay in full at your Image Reveal Appointment via cash or credit card. 

Payment Options

If you decide that the killer

pre-payment plan bonuses aren't for you, and you want to pay in full for your babe-worthy products at your Image Reveal Appointment, we take the following for payment:


  • Cash

  • Credit Card 

  • Email/Text Money Transfer

  • Paypal

Ready to reward yourself

with a session?

Boudoir Photography Niagara Black lingerie

Read more about our 

Prepayment Plan and Bonus Gifts!


All purchasing decisions are finalized on the day of your ordering appointment. 

Due to the digital and custom nature of our work, all sales are final. We do not honor change-orders of refunds. Unpurchased images are deleted when you leave the appointment. Rescheduled sessions are subject to the current pricing at the time of rebooking. 

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