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Because taking your clothes off in front of someone can be a little bit scary...

Especially when that girl is holding *gasp* a camera... 

It is my absolute privilege to be a boudoir photographer in Niagara and Niagara boudoir photography is my absolute love and passion.

Taking the leap to invest in yourself with boudoir photography is a very intimate decision and some of my clients prefer to keep their images private or to only share them with their partner or the closest of friends.

Please find peace of mind in knowing that all images that we create together during your session are 100% private. Your images will not be published for promotional, editorial, or marketing purposes without your signature on a model release contract. Your images are confidential unless you state otherwise - you will have the option of sharing your images only if you choose to do so. 

I want your first experience with Fox Boudoir photography Niagara to instill life-changing confidence in my clients. From start to finish, you will look and feel AMAZING! You have my promise that I will make you feel like a total boss-babe from booking to receiving your products, including whether or not you decide to share your images or keep them private.

It's time to invest in you - you deserve this.

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