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Fox Boudoir Photographer Niagara Racheal Outram
Fox Boudoir Photography Niagara GTA Hamilton

Who Am I?

WHo are you?

Who am I? I'm a thirty-something, single mom to two BEAUTIFUL little girls whom I would do anything for and I show them every, single, damn day that women can move mountains. 

I am an infuriatingly-humble troublemaker, gluten-free food-lover, bass-haulin'-fisherwoman, unapologetic pop-culture fanatic, unofficial Starbucks shareholder, 5K runner, and gym-rat, beagle lover, cat lover, general-furry-anything lover, and I am prone to fits of random acts of kindness.


I am a friend, daughter, niece, and mentor. I am a poet with a heart of glass, and a derby-girl with nerves of steel. I have my insecurities, and I am my own worst critic, but I wake up every day with the strength of endless possibility. 

And you know what? You and I - we have something in common.


We are so perfectly imperfect, just as we are, and as a professional boudoir photographer, I want to show you that.


I see you there in your yoga pants and the messy bun that never seems to look as good as Pinterest-worthy. Why is that? Mine always looks more like the well-loved, and disheveled paintbrush in a child’s art set, than a messy-Audrey Hepburn.
I'm a Survivor. Find out my WHY



Who is my ideal client?

Well, they're single. They're married. They're divorced. They're a mother of three and they've also decided motherhood isn’t for them. They're an awesome stay-at-home mom. They are a boss-ass business person. They're a survivor of cancer. They are a survivor of domestic abuse. They are a wallflower. They are the life of the party.

They have overcome struggles quietly and they have overcome struggles not-so-quietly, but bit-by-bit, they are working on bettering their life every single day.

They have a huge heart, and they give and give and give and give, and it’s about damn time that they do something for themselves.


They are so unbelievably enough and so deserving.


They are every person. They are you. Yep, you! So click below and we'll schedule a chat for you and me, and how I can empower you beyond words. You owe it to yourself to feel like you can move mountains. ❤

Fox Boudoir Photography Niagara
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